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Booking Engine Solutions

      Customizable Booking Engine
      Integrated With Property Owners Website
      Best Available Rate (BAR) With live Inventory
      Payment Gateway
      Packages With Customized Accommodation and Transport
      Add - Ons like Airport Transfer, Activities, Special Dinner, Sightseeing etc.
      Track Visitors
      Responsive Design
      Today people have to get confirmation immediately at time they are planning a holiday. Online booking engine provided in the accommodation provider’s website will help the property owner give instant confirmation to its customer and ensure the guest does not move to another destination or property. (Service is Free of cost)
      Most of the guests would have different questions when one visits the website. Our back end support system with chat facility or call back option help the property owner to convert enquiry into booking. (Service is Free of cost)
      It is important that for all booking made by guest when confirmation is send, immediate payment must be received to guarantee the booking. We provide payment gateway for the property owners. (Only bank charge is charged for every booking)
      Today most people prefer to use mobile phone to check availability of inventory or make booking. The mobile application we provide will help them to do the same. (This service is free of cost).
      SMS and e-mail alert for every booking made online. (This service free of cost)

Channel Manager Solutions

      Connecting With Major OTAs
      Update BAR and live inventory in a single click
      Credit Advice Generate
      Invoice Generate Tool
      Manage OTA Contracts
      Direct API Integration
      Online Travel agents (OTA) booking is fast growing across the world. Portals like, Agoda, Yatra, Make my Trip, Goibibo and few names which contribute to 75% of the online booking space. Our system helps the accommodation provider to list in these properties and ensure good visibility of the property.
      Earlier for each OTA, the hotel need to give different allocation, but with our system allocation is automated and thus ensures no rooms goes unsold or over booking happens.
      Rate parity between different OTA and hotel website has become a very big concern today. Our system keeps very close watch of rates displayed by OTA and ensures the rate displayed in the desired rate by the Property owner.
      PHS also speaking on behalf of the property on technical aspect and resolve all problem between OTA and Property owner.
      PHS collects payments on behalf of the property owner from OTA .( if property owner request for the same )
      Connecting tour operators to the property owner.

Centralized Reservation Solutions

      Booking Calendar
      Rate/Inventory Management
      Room Mapping
      Bulk Updates
      Promotional Offers
      Comparison Chart
      Dash Board
      Reports and Analytics
      POS (Point On Sale)
      Billing Invoice
      Manage OTA's
      Manage Reserve / Feedback
      Social Media Marketing
      Manage Users
      Providing central reservation system. Most hotels are still using the old system of recording booking in diaries or registers. The chance of human error is very high and this leading to over booking or not able to sell its inventory to optimum level.
      High investment required for managing inventory with technology has kept away, medium and small accommodation providers to move with technology. So our pay per use system will help them get latest technology with no investment.

Travel Agents and Tour Operators Solutions

      Travel Agents and Tour operators can quote the best possible rate to customer and retain their customer base.
      PHS Provides Best Available Rates and Live inventory.
      PHS will help tour operators also to be in the online space by feeding in hotel details to their website and also help them do the contracting faster.
      Each and every property gets added to PHS database is intimated to the travel agents and we will help the properties to get contracted with these travel agents, which will create a win-win situation for both.
      PHS will be powering the inventory and rates of these accommodation providers to travel agents/ tour operators/ online travel agents.
      Will get regular update of the properties.

Revenue Management Solutions

      Calculate Best Available Rate (BAR)
      Season – Discounts can be set based on season
      Fixed Date – Premium price can be set for fixed dates in advance
      Advance Booking – Early bird offers can be given to customers
      Weekday Rates – Separate rates can be set on daily format
      Occupancy – Based on the availability, room rates will display discount
      Today in this competitive world the hotels must be very careful in pricing. Our system, which helps hotels to bring out the best possible rate by using algorithm. This will help the hotel quote lower rate when hotel has less occupancy and higher rate when hotels are fully sold out. The revenue management model which is similar to airline is provided free of cost.
      Backend support team keep checking the rates of competition and keep the property owner informed so that right decision can be taken at the right time. (this service is free of cost )

Review Management Solutions

      Get your property listed with Trip Advisor, Holiday IQ
      Post your reviews in Trip Advisor, Holiday IQ and Face book
      Review sites are one of the most important factor for increasing the online visibility.
      In a single click you can manage the reviews in different sites.
      Any guest will book a hotel only after proper review of the guest and these reviews are now considered as most important tool for sales of hotel rooms. So it is important that hotel gets review from each of its client which can be posted in review sites like Trip Advisor or Holiday IQ. For this our system helps the hotels to get reviews from the guest. (Service is free of cost
      In case guest writes negative review help the hotel to manage the same without brining much damage to the reputation of the hotel. (Service is free of cost)

Web Solutions

      customize website
      Social Media Optimization


      We are developing applications in Android and IOS.
      Helps property owner to view/update reservation status from anywhere.
      Book online and make payment through mobile.
      Guest can trace hotel using GPS.


      Social media help people take decision to choose hotels.
      Our system does regular updates thus improving visibility of the property.
      Online Booking engine on Facebook page help to generate booking.
      Integrate Booking engine with free of cost
      Post reviews using social media sites like Facebook
      Face Book, Linked in, Google Plus are some of the important social media which help people take decision to choose hotels. Our system does regular updates thus improving visibility of the property.
      Online Booking engine on Facebook page help to generate booking .( service is free of charge )