booking engine solutions

Direct channel is the most cost effective and reliable means of selling inventory to guests, especially since it does not have intermediaries. PHS provides to hotels with a responsive booking engine and an advanced booking solution for customized packages and stay enrichments, transforming it into a real-time sales engine.


Travel Agents and Tour Operators Solutions

The offline Tour operators biggest worry is with online space growing fast and lower rates shown in the website, they would lose out in business. PHS provides a system where tour operators can contract their commission listed on the rate listed on the OTA or hotel website.


centralized reservation solutions

Providing central reservation system. Most hotels are still using the old system of recording booking in diaries or registers. The chance of human error is very high and this leading to over booking or not able to sell its inventory to optimum level. We are providing Booking calendar for update single and group booking, Property management solution, Room management solution, stay enrichments management, multi user management with different privileges, Billing and Reports.


channel manager solutions

No more multiple logins required. PHS offers a powerful yet easy to use channel management solution that allows you to manage your online distribution with ease, while simultaneously expanding your universe of potential guests. PHS consolidates multiple sales channels into a single, easy to manage channel. You can efficiently manage availability, rates, and inventory across multiple OTAs, all from a smart single interface.


Revenue Management Solutions

Today in this competitive world the hotels must be very careful in pricing. Our system, which helps hotels to bring out the best possible rate by using algorithm. This will help the hotel quote lower rate when hotel has less occupancy and higher rate when hotels are fully sold out. The revenue management model which is similar to airline is provided free of cost.


Review Management Solutions

Any guest will book a hotel only after proper review of the guest and these reviews are now considered as most important tool for sales of hotel rooms. So it is important that hotel gets review from each of its client which can be posted in review sites like Trip Advisor or Holiday IQ. For this our system helps the hotels to get reviews from the guest.


Mobile App Solutions

We are developing applications in Android and IOS. Helps property owner to view/update reservation status from anywhere. Book online and make payment through mobile.


Social Media Marketing Solutions

Social media help people take decision to choose hotels. Our system does regular updates thus improving visibility of the property. Online Booking engine on Facebook page help to generate booking.


Increase Hotel Revenues With PHS


I would like to Emphasis my relations with perfect Hand Solutions online booking portal since it has been incorporated in my web site so for I have found the operations satisfactory to my requirements .Moreover I would like to comment that the portal has increased to a certain extent to increase my room selling & helping my guests to follow up as per their requirements in selecting the rooms & tariffs.

I wish them all the best for their future endowment & continue with the service they have extended so far & up grade the changes coming in technology from time to time

Abraham mathew


I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to you and your team for your very active participation in our May Month efforts Without your help and support we would have not accomplished the OTA on time, we also benefited from your feedback and input. On both a professional and a personal level, I really appreciated the time that you have spent to help us in making this dream come true.


Forest Glade, Munnar         

I was a bit worried when am register my Stay Melody to Perfect Hand Solutions but my worries were totally unfounded, they are a terrific company and they really care about their customers. Services have been answered within seconds and my issues resolved within minutes by friendly and helpful staff. I would recommend this service to everybody in my contact who are running hotels.