NEWS Letters

How to increase your online business

It’s essential to keep up 3 ‘P’s for increasing your online business. Pricing, Promotions and Positioning of your property are the key areas which can subsequently contribute to your online business. Apt pricing is required get enough visibility in Online Travel Agent Platforms. Better pricing doesn’t mean that always you have to provide discounted prices. Too much price discounting will result in underselling the property which can in turn affect the image of the property in the market. Pricing should be based on Demand, Season and Occupancy and we should be using systems to do that, as manual calculation is very difficult and the chances of wrong rates updation is on the higher side. With regard to Promotions there are almost 10 Plus various promotions available in the Online Travel Agent/ Review Platform, its very important the properties have the complete understandings of the promotions that they opt for and it should never be the reason for Rate Disparity in Online Space. 50% of the promotions are secret deals which will help the property to maintain Rate Parity across the online space. Last but not the least positioning of the property is also a key determinant in increasing online visibility and thus by online business. If you are not listed your property in the right category, it can reduce the chance of getting online business. Still need more info please call us @ 9544700013

PHS goes digital in 2016

As part of upgrading our services to the next level, we are going Digital in 2016. It’s true that the business percentage of OTA is increasing trend, but the distribution cost (Commission cost) is also on the rising trend. The only way to reduce your distribution cost is by aggressively focusing on online business through your own websites. Google has started supporting accommodation providers by their new product called Google Street View for hotels which will ensure the authenticity of the Hotel Images and help to convert the online booking through the direct website. Google 360 Images are even uploaded in Trip Advisor, this clearly shows that a customer who book room in advance would like to know in around the property. If its virtual tour on the property inside and outside, then you would be able to close the deal through your website itself. PHS can provide an application for getting an alert on your competition price changing. You don’t need to manually check the pricing of your competition. Let the systems do it.Still need more info please call us @ 9544700013

Manage all your reviews from One Place

Still most of the hoteliers believe that sending replies to reviews in Trip Advisor will ensure that reviews are successfully managed. The fact is that only 60% of the actual stayed customers are published on Trip Advisor, remaining reviews are being posted at the Online Travel Agent platforms where they have actually done the booking and other social media sites. It’s the time for allowing your system to collate all your reviews into one common platform and from the one login you are responded to all reviews. Each and every accommodation provider should be able to identify the overall emotions of the review. This will help the hotel to understand which area where they need to improve. Still need more info please call us @ 9544700013

The success manthra of dynamic pricing

The airlines industries are successfully using dynamic pricing strategies like pricing based on occupancy. Its high time that hotels should also implement the same for a better revenue results. PHS allows you to set your pricing based on your occupancy standards. Hence when the occupancy goes below a particular benchmark you set, the system automatically set the discount rates and the same is pushed to OTAs for a better results. The main reason for implementing the occupancy based pricing is on one common fact that "Room are the most perishable products in a hotel". A room which couldn't sell today is a loss and nothing can be done tomorrow. So the question come would you like to keep your room rates fixed and not getting desired results or you want to sell your rooms. For more information please call us

How to ensure your room night sales on off-season?

Travelers are already planning their mid-year holidays. Do you have an attractive offer to make your hotel stand out for stays in June, July and August?
When you associate with OTAs, hotels should ensure the visibility in such a way that "Its a good stay with good offers". Offers can be complementary activities, providing free car parking, complementary wifi or allowing guests for late check outs . early check ins etc. IT could be any thing. Be flexible with your pricing. When you are applying offers the same will help you to improve your ranking and visibility in OTAs which will in turn increase the chance of online booking. Please be ensure that whenever you apply promotions or extra discounts as offers, you should be able to maintain rate parity. Due to the unhealthy competition between OTAs, if the rate parity is not maintained the same can also be affecting your online visibility and your room sales business. For more information please call us