Quality and efficiency are what hotels strive for, and that is the value that PHS Smart Manager brings you. Ranging from five rooms to five hundred or more, hotels cater to different types of guests and provides multiple services. We understand your need to streamline your functions and run a successful business. which is why the PHS Smart Manager is:




PHS Smart Manager

Central Reservation System

  • Manage online and offline bookings on one platform
  • Access live inventory at your fingertips
  • Integrate to current property management systems with ease

Dynamic Pricing

  • Get maximum revenue by providing optimal rates based on multiple factors like season, occupancy, early bird, weekdays, last minute etc.
  • Set the rates at your convenience at any time for any duration.
  • Get the extra advantage from our experts with our additional revenue services.

PMS Integration

  • Integrate the PHS Smart Manager to your existing PMS like Hotelier or Hotsoft
  • Easy process with no need to change any current functions
  • Get live inventory across the board

Booking engine

  • Sell directly through a customizable booking engine that stays within your website domain.
  • Provide additional services, offer promotions and discounts.
  • Track guest enquiries so that you can contact and get confirmations at the earliest.


  • Easy to use and comprehensive billing system.
  • Generate master bill that covers all amenities used.
  • Includes GST and export/print options.

Travel Agent Management

  • Manage online and offline travel agents.
  • Create multiple agent categories.
  • Provide discounts and offers for successful agents.

Room management

  • Create and manage rooms with suitable rates across the calendar year.
  • Set meal plans, additional beds etc., separately for adults and children.
  • Showcase your rooms with photographs and descriptions.

Sell additional services

  • Provide and manage special services like transfers, gala dinners, special decor etc.
  • Connect with activity providers through the PHS Community.
  • Cross sell additional services.

User Management

  • Organise users and create user groups within the PHS Smart Manager
  • Set page wise privileges for different users
  • Track and manage user activity


  • Enhance your business plan with reports and charts
  • Understand your property better through collected data
  • Set targets to improve your business

Stock management

  • Manage payable and non payable supplies per room

Feedback assistance

  • Ensure feedback collection after guest check out
  • Automatic posting of review on sites like Tripadvisor, Holiday IQ etc.
  • Increase online visibility and improve your business with guest reviews

The PHS Smart Manager with additional services can be customised to suit the needs and budget of a homestay. Let us give you a hand.