PHS Community

Perfect Hands Solutions spearheads a positive change through the PHS Community,
one property at a time.

  • SHARE.

  • LEARN.

  • GROW.

The PHS Community is an initiative that is the core of this company’s mission. It works to create and encourage a sustainable industry by bringing together properties of all scales, travel agents, activity providers, wellness providers, product sellers, and manufacturers. By playing a proactive role in the industry, we want to inspire and empower our members to do better business. The idea is simple; help each other. To connect to services, to ensure a wholesome experience for guests, to share information, to learn, to grow and to improve business. Join the PHS Community, because when people come together, amazing things happen.

The PHS Community is open to all those who register with Perfect Hands Solutions. Our vision is to bring together accommodation and activity providers from around the world. A space for discussions, education, and growth, to tackle the various aspects of the industry and to lead us into an exciting future. Though the PHS software and services provide ease of business, it is the personalized service and lasting relationship we build that matters.

SHARE. By connecting our members, we are creating opportunities for collaborations and business sharing. Team up with hotels across the map to create suitable tour packages. Hold hands to connect guests to interesting experiences in the region like treks, classes, historical sites, and other adventures. The team at Perfect Hands Solutions cares deeply about creating a sustainable marketplace that benefiteveryone.

LEARN. Staying informed is important to your business. What are the trends? How do you increase sales? The PHS team takes the effort to do regular market studies to keep you updated with the latest through our newsletter Mint Connect. We give you access to information and education. Get to know about local activities and events, so that you can plan ahead. PHS also organizes workshops and classes exclusively for our members. Maybe you want to learn about a new tax law or how to do business online. We will bring in experts to conduct these sessions. Our team has your back every step of the way.

GROW. At PHS we focus on having the right conversations so that you can unlock your potential. Why? Because your success is what drives the company forward. By providing a structured and positive platform we encourage our members to network and fuel their growth. We assist the industry to address issues, initiate dialogue and identify solutions which could lead to government legislation reforms. Enjoy increased visibility when we attend travel shows around the world. Connect with various professionals and experts. As a member of the PHS community, you will be part of a larger conversation that will help fuel your business forward.