The PHS Smart Manager is a comprehensive and easy-to-use software. It works for all properties, from homestays to luxury resorts. Get all the tools you need on a single platform to enhance your business.

Central Reservation System

Manage your offline and online bookings, as well as the rates on your website with this feature. Get all the details you need to organize bookings and prevent overbooking. The PHS Smart Manager also updates you on the status of your guests to help provide better service.

  • Live inventory
  • Online booking
  • Offline booking
  • Room blocking
  • Group booking & blocking
  • Waiting list management
  • Cancellation
  • Guest status tracking (check in, check out, billing etc)
  • ARR (average room rate) alert
  • C-Form management

Room Management

This software helps you to manage and update rooms according to your specifications. Avail all booking details of the year in one place.

  • Create and manage rooms
  • Assign room name and number
  • Apply rates
  • Create and manage rooms
  • Assign room name and number
  • Apply rates

Booking Engine

The first point of business online, the PHS booking engine is unique. It has provisions for promotional offers and additional services. It also offers guest tracking facility to aid early booking confirmation and customer interaction.

  • Customisable
  • Booking engine within the property website domain
  • Payment gateway
  • Promotional offers
  • Promo code facility
  • Sell Additional Services
  • BAR (best available rate) and live inventory
  • Guest tracking
  • Guest verification
  • Booking alerts via SMS & email
  • Linked to the Central Reservation System

Sell Additional Services

Give your guests a complete experience by letting them choose special services in their booking like transfers, activities, special dinner, decor etc. Offer discounts or cross-sell these services, and the same will reflect in the final bill provided by the system. You can manage all these activities through the PHS Smart Manager.

  • Create and manage additional services
  • Sell through booking engine
  • Offer promo codes
  • Cross selling
  • Easy billing of activities


Our billing system makes managing your finances much easier. It generates a master bill that covers all facilities used. We keep our systems updated to current laws and practices.

  • Comprehensive system
  • Master bill with room service, restaurant, additional services etc
  • GST included
  • Export mail or PDF
  • Generate billing reports

Travel agent management

Other than your online travel agents, you will have various offline agents contributing to your business. The PHS Smart Manager offers the unique advantage of managing their activities with ease.

  • Offline travel agent management
  • Online travel agent management
  • Provide discounts
  • Agent category management

User management

We understand your business, which is why we have provided this unique feature to this software. Manage multiple users like accounts staff, managerial staff etc, for whom you can provide or restrict information within the PHS Smart Manager.

  • Create, edit and manage users
  • Page wise privilege settings
  • User tracking system
  • Create user group

Dynamic Pricing

Room rates are integral to driving your sales forward. The PHS Smart Manager helps you to bring in maximum revenue by fixing optimal rates depending on various factors. Set them at your convenience, either at the beginning of the calendar year or any other time. You can fix the rates for days, weeks, months or year.

  • Season wise rate
  • Day rate
  • Occupancy rate
  • Early bird offers
  • Fixed date rate
  • Last minute rate
  • Fix the rate for any length of time

Feedback Assistant

We realize how much you value your guests. Which is why PHS provides this unique service to manage feedbacks. Feedbacks are important for online and offline aspects of your property. The feedback assistance ensures that reviews are collected when the guests check out via email. They will either be directly posted on websites or sent to you.

  • Collecting review at time of check out
  • Posting on tripadvisor, holiday iq etc.

Stock Management

Keep track of all the material that you supply, so that your guest will never be left wanting. Ensure stock per room of payable items like drinks or snacks and non-payable items like toilet essentials etc.

  • Create stock
  • Manage stock
  • Stock allotment


Reports are key to understanding your business better. Based on collected data and figures, you will be able to create better targets and goals for your business. The PHS Smart Manager provides comprehensive charts and reports of various functions of your property.

  • Online report
  • Booking report
  • Room status
  • Desirable ARR
  • Occupancy comparison
  • Room type wise ARR
  • Room occupancy
  • Billing report
  • Feedback report
  • C-form report
  • Cancellation report
  • User tracking report